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WAMATYC is the Washington state affiliate of AMATYC, the American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges. WAMATYC is a nonprofit educational association established in 1986 to unite mathematics faculty at community and technical colleges throughout Washington state.

Our Purpose

  • To encourage the development of effective mathematics programs and mathematics-related experiences of students in two-year colleges.
  • To afford a state forum for interchange of ideas.
  • To promote the professional welfare and development of its members.
  • To contribute input at the state and national level concerning mathematics education.
How do we accomplish this? In part through out support of various mathematics conferences and events in the state. See List of Our Sponsorships.

Our Bylaws

Current WAMATYC BYLAWS (most recent revisions approved 2015-06-20)

Our Logo

Our logo was created by Doug Mooers, Whatcom CC, for a WAMATYC flag to be displayed at an AMATYC national conference (1987?). Doug describes, "The idea was to utilize mathematical curves and simple bounded spaces to represent the regions of Washington State served by WAMATYC: mountains of Eastern and Western Washington (parabolas), farmland and plains (lines), the Puget Sound (lines with a sail boat). The letters across the upper portion were meant to symbolically unite Community College Math Teachers from all regions of the State."

Our Website

Sally Keely, Clark College, created the website in 1997 as Webmaster & Newsletter Editor 1997-2003. Heidi Ypma, Whatcom CC, maintained the site as Webmaster & Information Officer 2003-2010. Sally Keely, Webmaster 2010-2018, purchased a domain name in 2010 ( for the organization, redesigned the site, and initiated the social networking components. In 2014 we purchased hosting service for the site and moved to a new domain ( that better reflects our non-profit status.

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