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The first Washington College Mathematics Conference was held in 1969. Affectionately known as the "Spring Math Conference" it is hosted in a unique collaborative way. Responsibility for conference planning is passed from college to college each year with no rule for who hosts when nor where.

WAMATYC, which did not form until 1986, does not host the conference, but does support the conference by sponsoring speakers and other activities. Also, our annual membership/business meetings are held during this conference.

2019 Conference Information

What: The 51st annual Washington College Mathematics Conference (WCMC)

Co-Hosts: Centralia CC and Bates Technical College Mathematics Departments

When: Thursday evening May 2 through Saturday noonish May 4, 2019

Where: Ocean Shores Convention Center, Ocean Shores, WA

Conference Past and Future

This list of previous and upcoming WA College Mathematics Conferences (hosts, locations, websites) includes a snipit of its early history.

Conference web site:

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