WAMATYC is the Washington affiliate of AMATYC, the American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges. WAMATYC is a nonprofit educational association established in 1986 to unite mathematics faculty at community and technical colleges throughout Washington state. All college math faculty in Washington are eligible to join (you do not need to be a member of AMAYTC) and dues are just $10 per year.

Benefits of Membership

Your membership and financial contribution through dues allows WAMATYC to:

WAMATYC is your voice and vote in the national parent organization, the American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges. Founded in 1974, AMATYC is the premier national organization exclusively devoted to improving mathematics education in U.S. community colleges. Washington is automatically allowed two delegates at national AMATYC meetings and receives one extra delegate for each 50 dues-paying members. Delegates vote on vital proposals and position statements at the national level that affect us all.

How to Join WAMATYC or Renew Your Membership

Membership dues are $10 per year, renewable each spring. The Washington College Mathematics Conference registration form includes an option to join WAMATYC or renew your membership. You can also contact our financial officer, Kate Cook kcook@clark.edu, for details on submitting payment in person at the conference or via mail.

WAMATYC Executive Board 2024–2026

President: Rajesh Lal (Pierce College, RLal@pierce.ctc.edu)
President-elect: Deann Leoni (Edmonds College, dleoni@edmonds.edu)
Past President: Steve Bogart (Shoreline Community College, sbogart@shoreline.edu)
Financial Officer (2024–2028): Kate Cook (Clark College, kcook@clark.edu)
Webmaster (2022–2026): Jeff Eldridge (Edmonds College, jeldridg@edmonds.edu)

Our Purpose

  • To encourage the development of effective mathematics programs and mathematics-related experiences of students at two-year colleges.
  • To afford a state forum for interchange of ideas.
  • To promote the professional welfare and development of its members.
  • To contribute input at the state and national level concerning mathematics education.

Our Logo

Circa 1987, Doug Mooers of Whatcom Community College, designed a WAMATYC flag to be displayed at an AMATYC national conference. “The idea was to utilize mathematical curves and simple bounded spaces to represent the regions of Washington State served by WAMATYC: mountains of Eastern and Western Washington (parabolas), farmland and plains (lines), the Puget Sound (lines with a sail boat). The letters across the upper portion were meant to symbolically unite community college math teachers from all regions of the state.”