WAMATYC does not (usually) host a state conference, but does support the Washington College Mathematics Conference by sponsoring speakers and awards. WAMATYC holds its annual business meetings at this conference. (The conference — first held in 1969, 17 years prior to the founding of WAMATYC — is hosted by colleges from around the state on a rotating basis.) WAMATYC also provides financial support to the Western Washington Community College Student Mathematics Conference.

Upcoming Regional and National Conferences

PNWMAA (Pacific Northwest Section of the Mathematical Association of America)
2024 Section Meeting, June 20–22, 2024, University of Alaska Anchorage

MathFest (Mathematical Association of America)
2024 MathFest, August 7–10, 2024, Indianapolis

NWMC (Northwest Mathematics Conference)
63rd conference, October 2024, TBA

WS-AMS (Western Section of the American Mathematical Society)
Fall Western Sectional Meeting, October 26–27, 2024, University of California, Riverside

AMATYC (American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges)
2024 annual conference, November 14–17, 2024, Atlanta

JMM (Joint Mathematics Meetings of the AMS)
2025 Conference, January 8–11, 2025, Seattle

WWCCSMC (Western Washington Community College Student Mathematics Conference)
18th conference, February 22, 2025, Green River College

πMUC (Pacific Inland Mathematics Undergraduate Conference)
annual conference, TBA, TBA

NUMS (Northwest Undergraduate Mathematics Symposium)
annual symposium, TBA, TBA

Washington College Mathematics Conference
56th conference, May 1–3, 2025, Wenatchee

WS-AMS (Western Section of the American Mathematical Society)
Spring Western Sectional Meeting, May 3–4, 2025, California Polytechnic University